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Spiritual Guroo, Rachael Herraman.

Rachael Herraman - Spiritual Guroo

Rachael Herraman, also known as the Spiritual Guroo, is a qualified Shamanic Plant Practitioner, Life Coach, Wellness Entrepreneur, Speaker and Energy Healer based in London. 


The name Gu-Roo is a play on words from Rachael's childhood nickname 'Roo' and is also a tribute to her Australian heritage. 
Over a nine year period she has been featured in magazines, fashion shows, worked in the Australian Media as a Journalist and is also a previous Miss Australia.
Rachael grew up doing competitive gymnastics and swimming, engraining in her a love for healthy eating, keeping active and spending time in nature from a young age. As time went on she moved into more spiritual forms of exercise such as yoga, kickstarting her inner journey within. 
After going through her spiritual awakening, she decided to combine her passion for the mind, body & soul connection, with her love for helping others, to create a platform where she could make a difference. 
This led her to become a qualified Life Coach in NLP, Hypnotherapy & TLT. As time went on she began journeying with the plant medicines before realising it was her calling to become a Shamanic Plant Practitioner, working specifically with cacao. 
Rachael had the honour of becoming initiated by a shaman at the beautiful heart chakra of the earth in Glastonbury. An initiation with a Plant Medicine means that the spirit of the plant runs through your veins and in your soul, and you become one with the medicine. Like all authentic healers, she have walked through the flames of fire in her life to be able to truly understand many aspects of the human experience. This is what is known as the Shaman’s path. 

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