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Our Story

Our Founder, Daniel Zemmour, a former trader in the finance world, often found that he was highly stressed, suffered from anxiety and had issues sleeping.

Not one for alternative remedies, Daniel was sceptical as to whether CBD could help him, however, proceeded to try a few different products to find out. Sadly they didn’t seem to work for him and he put the CBD experience down to a lost cause.

”It wasn’t until a friend (who used CBD for his ADHD) let me try some of his concentrated CBD oil. It took me about 15 minutes but the effects were unbelievable, I felt calmer, and had a sense of clarity’

This motivated Daniel to do some further research into CBD, the science behind the “wonder drug” and the CBD UK market place. 

In his findings, he discovered that the regulation surrounding CBD products in the UK is weak, and there is a large issue with mislabelling. With some brands not displaying true information about the quantity of CBD, the quality and production methods and ingredients. Hence the first CBD products he tried did not work.

After seeing the benefits of good quality CBD, Daniel and the team embarked on their mission to source the highest quality CBD products they could find. They met with producers and farmers, to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the best and ethical products and production processes available. Once happy with their research, Molecule was launched. 

To bring you further reassurance, Molecule make sure every product is Triple Batch Tested, meaning each batch is tested three times by third-party laboratories, and then undergoes further testing by the team before it goes on sale.

“CBD is relatively new to most and people don’t exactly know what it is. We aim to minimise the customer’s trial and error process of the products, offering them a tailored number of choices of the top-quality CBD products the market has to offer. We know many vendors are taking advantage of the current wave, building an unsustainable business model and trying to make a quick buck. 

We’re here doing the opposite, we are taking a “slowly but surely” approach, taking over a year to do the product research, learning about the different brands, the different products, and their distinct constituents.”

And the quality doesn’t just stop at the products, Molecule’s wellness space on Westbourne Grove is a luxurious haven, perfect to restore some balance and calm and learn more about CBD.

Molecule CBD and Wellness London

Here you will find Daniel and the team offering expert advice and knowledge, advising you on how to find the right product. This is paired with a beautiful Yoga and meditation studio and a relaxing health bar, serving coffee and tea’s, with or without CBD, alongside delicious homemade cakes. 

If you would like to know more or to chat with Daniel and the team, please get in touch.



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