We aim to bring you the very best experience when buying CBD products, from the moment you enter the store, to the products you take home with you.


We provide education on the highest quality CBD products via personal consultations in-store, at the health bar over a CBD latte or tea, and online.


Our Space on Westbourne Grove offers a complete ecosystem for wellness - with yoga, morning meditation, sound healing and workshops alongside the very best CBD products.

Quality & Research

At Molecule, all of our CBD products are Triple Batch Tested, meaning we test every batch three times, using different third party testing labs. We also test for things like ethanol, heavy metals, pesticides and other cannabinoids to ensure that the CBD products we stock are produced using the best methods.

Testing is a very tricky game, and some labs can get inaccurate test results. Plants are inconsistent, which means every batch can produce different results, the process and environment can also affect the results -  it is therefore, vital to test individual batches more than once. 

Triple batch testing provides extra assurance that the products have the best ingredients and have been produced using the best methods - bringing you the highest quality CBD products. 

Molecule Triple Batch Tested Stamp