Crystal bowls. Sound healing. CBD shop. Studio. Wellness.

Maggie - Crystal Bowls

Maggie first encountered sound healing in 2014 and explored Himalayan singing bowls, drums, and gong before settling on crystal bowls. Seeing first...

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Yoga practitioner, Sima Siziba

Sima Siziba - Yoga

I started my Yoga journey in 2013, following a knee injury and a range of health issues which stripped away my mobility and sense of self.  I went ...

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Yoga practitioner Joanna Mason

Joanna Mason - Yoga

WHAT GOT YOU INTO PRACTICING AND THEN TEACHING YOGA? I studied psychology as I’ve always been interested in how the mind works, but I wanted to dev...

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Sound healer Francesca Secolonovo

Francesca Secolonovo

Francesca creates spaces that encourages people to slow down, to tune into the body... this place we call home. Sound healing invites you ...

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Flexology practitioners. Flexologists.


As London’s first dedicated stretch studio, we believe that stretching is a vital component of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, holding the power...

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Yoga practitioner. Wellness studio.

Jenna Alexandria - Yoga

Yoga found me in 2013 and it was a case of love at first flow.  Having attended classes for many years I became increasingly aware of the physical ...

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