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Feldenkrais method at Molecule

In these easy, relaxing classes, you can become aware of, and let go of, old physical habits of moving and of holding yourself.    If you are recovering from injury...

Rachael Morley

ENERGY BALANCING sessions are intuitively lead + completely unique depending on your health + relaxation requirements.

Maggie - Crystal Bowls

Maggie first encountered sound healing in 2014 and explored Himalayan singing bowls, drums, and gong before settling on crystal bowls. Seeing first hand how sound healing paired with intention setting...

Rachael Herraman - Spiritual Guroo

Rachael Herraman, also known as the Spiritual Guroo, is a qualified Shamanic Plant Practitioner, Life Coach, Wellness Entrepreneur, Speaker and Energy Healer based in London.    The name Gu-Roo is...

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