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It’s estimated that approximately one in every four people suffer from persistent joint pain or arthritis, with nearly 30 million adults reported to suffer from osteoarthritis – largely due to the natural degeneration of joint cartilage (something The Nue Co. is keen to pre-empt).

As we grow older, the cartilage – the smooth, rubbery tissue that cushions our ‘hinges’ – begins to break down, leading to inflammation, discomfort and potentially, something more debilitating. Proven to protect this precious padding and to lessen pain in 90 days, Joints marries calcium, glucosamine and clinically studied Indian frankincense – a ‘Holy Trinity’ that helps to control inflammatory responses in the body while aiding mobility to keep joints strong and healthy, now and in the future. Another key ingredients is 5-Loxin (or Boswellia serrata gum extract), which is proven to counteract stiffness and improve physical function in osteoarthritis sufferers, as well as to reduce prevalence of the cartilage degrading enzyme – MMP – by 31% in 90 days. Curcumin (from turmeric) then works to block specific inflammatory enzymes and BioPerine boosts its absorption by 2000%, making The Nue Co.s proprietary formula even more powerful.

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