The Nue Co

Skin filter


The Nue Co. Skin filter targets all of the key beauty bugbears with a clinically proven (and patented!) bioavailable blend of this supplement works to address three key issues that lead to dull, uneven skin: collagen degradation, melanin overproduction and impaired microcirculation. By helping to regulate these underlying concerns (and delivering almost 50% of your recommended daily vitamin A intake in the form of beta-carotene (a natural – and safe – precursor to vitamin A itself)), Skin Filter stimulates cells’ fibroblasts to encourage creation of skin’s precious ‘scaffolding’ (the collagen and elastin responsible for stretch, resilience and ‘bounce’). In trials, results showed a 9% increase in skin’s elasticity, a 21% reduction in blemishes and 26% improvement in skin’s brightness within 60 days – and the benefits don’t end there. With consistent use, skin is less susceptible to redness, irritation and breakouts, and exudes the kind of glow that only comes with rest, fresh air and healthy eating (we won’t tell if you don’t).

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