Dreem Distillery

CBD Therapeutic Bath Oil 'Into The Deep' (100mg CBD)


Why this product?

• Relieves joint and muscle aches
• Broad-spectrum CBD
• Restores equilibrium to body and senses before sleep
• Infused with Dreem Distillery's Complex of aromatherapy oils
• Leaves skin soft and hydrated

The ultimate pre-bed aromatherapeutic soak, containing a potent complex of the most effective natural ingredients to induce sleep. The deeply relaxing organic essential oils, finest quality broad-spectrum CBD and soothing arnica of Dreem Distillery's proprietary Dreem Complex is enhanced with complimentary botanicals to boost its efficacy. The addition of organic sunflower oil disperses throughout the bath, providing skin and senses a luxuriously soft, hydrated finish.



Sweet, floral. 


    100ml bottle

    100mg CBD

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