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Yoga - A natural approach to physical and emotional wellbeing

Yoga has been practised for over 5000 years - originating in the East and arriving in the West in the late 19th century, it is now a daily essential for so many of us. But what are the benefits of adding Yoga to your wellness routine and why should people give it a go.

Yoga, meaning ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’, is known to not only help our physical and mental wellbeing but also our emotional and even our spiritual wellbeing. Unlike other fitness classes we may attend, such as a Hiit or spin class, Yoga is there to keep us grounded. Our bodies and minds fully connected, working together harmoniously through a sequence of poses and breathing exercises. We are taught to be in the moment, to be hyper-conscious of every feeling and emotion we experience within our practice, something so simple, but that can have a huge impact on our daily lives, a way of de-stressing or letting go. Something which so many of us struggle to do.

Yoga encourages us to alter patterns of behaviour and physical postures that we have developed, ones that generally serve no beneficial purpose and sometimes even cause us physical and emotional discomfort. Yoga enhances the symbiotic relationship between the physical and emotional, and shows us that when we adopt new beneficial postures, we produce corresponding beneficial emotional states.

This can, in turn, help us to focus on future choices, becoming more mindful and deliberate in our actions through our practice, thus helping us to become more mindful and deliberate in our daily lives.  

As a famous Tantra scholar said: “If practised correctly, yoga asana breaks down the psychological, emotional, physical, energetic, and psychic obstacles that inhibit us from thriving.” 

The Many Forms of Yoga

Yoga has now taken on many different forms, from energy based practices like Vinyasa and Bikram, to slower, more mindful practices such as Hatha and Yin Yoga. Different styles can bring new energy into our day, helping to create new mindsets and dispositions. Here are a few of our favourite practices:

Vinyasa Flow, also referred to as a moving meditation, is for those who need more movement, and less stillness, in their practice. Moving seamlessly from one posture to another, connecting the breath with each posture. Vinyasa helps to lengthen, strengthen and loosen the body, as well as preventing any static thoughts running through our mind. Our focus is on inhalation and exhalation with each movement, thereby encouraging homeostasis. 

Yin Yoga, a slower paced style of Yoga, focuses on stretching the body. Postures are typically held between one and five minutes. This style of yoga is designed to increase circulation in the joints and increase flexibility. Yin also teaches us to become still and grounded in our thoughts; we are forced to slow down and be more present, helping us fully connect to our emotional and physical feelings. 

Quantum Yoga focuses on the practitioner's immediate needs. The teacher constructs dynamic sequences that are ideally suited to the group or individuals present physical, mental and emotional requirements. Each individual practitioner discovers their dominant Ayurvedic “dosha”- either Kapa (calm and slow) Vata (lively and scatty) or Pitta (determined and focused) - and the aim will be to regulate those traits by performing sequences that probably won’t come naturally to the individual. 

At Molecule we understand the importance of our wellbeing both physically and mentally, and how each day can bring with it a change in energy and emotions. We have hand-selected a variety of different Yoga practise methods that can help with stress and anxiety, boost low energy, and enhance your sleep and focus.  

If you find you struggle with relaxing and switching off in yoga, we would recommend our CBD yoga sessions - the CBD helps you to find a deeper balance and calm, thus enhancing your practise 

“I usually struggle to switch off in Yoga, however, I was fully relaxed and didn't want the session to end” Monalisa @monaseyesbeauty

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