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Sober for October CBD

StopTober - CBD can help

Each October various charities run StopTober campaigns, a time for individuals to spend a month in abstinence from an unhealthy habit. Such as quitting alcohol for 30 days ‘Go Sober for October’ or stopping smoking for the month ‘StopTober’

Many also use this an opportunity to start something new StartTober - A time to start new hobby, or exercise programme, or walking to work instead of driving.

All of which are a great way to help improve your health and wellbeing and raise awareness and money for charity.

By Going Sober for October and removing alcohol for a month you will find that you have a clearer head, more energy, improve your sleep and lose weight - plus get a great sense of achievement. But for those of us who enjoy an alcoholic tipple at the weekend or at the end of a busy day, it can be hard to just remove it - CBD drinks could be a nice alternative, due to the calming effect that CBD can have.

For one, drinking CBD has no hangover effects, a major reason people ditch alcohol to begin with. If anything, you'll have a better night's sleep with CBD. Plus CBD is not addictive like alcohol is.

In severe cases, withdrawal from alcohol is usually marked by heightened attention and anxiety, restlessness, panic attacks, an increase in pain, depression, shaking (tremors), and more. It is like the nervous system is always in a twitchy and heightened state. That is because alcohol is a sedative and, when you get addicted to sedatives and then come off of them, you will be in a state of constant stimulation.

Since CBD has a calming effect and can potentially prevent withdrawal related seizures, it eases the excitability problem associated with getting off of the booze. Ethanol causes damage to the brain at a slow pace. Certain studies have implied that CBD prevents this and may even reverse some of the damage.

CBD drinks such as  TRIP CBD Drinks, come in variety of flavours - all offering additional health benefits too, from boosting the immune system, to adding a glow to your complexion - So well worth a try if you’re looking to kick the booze for StopTober.

If you’re looking to stop smoking for StopTober – CBD could help here too.

A regular cigarette contains about 12mg of nicotine, which is enough to damage the internal body systems and parts. While a lot of the people know the facts and figures about the harmful effects of nicotine, they still choose to do it because of addiction. Regular chain smokers are more likely to suffer with a heart stroke or lung cancer diseases compared to the non-smokers. However quitting, can also lead to side effects such as such as seizures, depression, and anxiety.

This is where CBD oil can help, and here’s how:

  1. Nicotine contains the effects of dopamine, a pleasure cell in the brain receptors that enter the brain when a person smokes leading them to be mentally relaxed and composed.
  2. When consumed, CBD oil produces natural endocannabinoid present in our body because of which dopamine gets released which fulfils the urge of smoking.
  3. CBD has the same effects of smoking making it easier to quit without feeling burdened or mentally stressed, and removing that need to reach for cigarettes.
  4. When CBD oil enters the body, it immediately starts creating its effect on the nervous system that allows the smoker to mentally relax without any restriction, unlike the other procedures of quitting i.e. therapy or medicines.

So if you are looking to stop smoking this October, why not give CBD a try?

We have many CBD oils that can help the body to feel relaxed, or if you like the feeling of holding something - replicating the smoking action, a CBD Vape could be the best option. Bloom Farms CBD Vapes are one of the best on the market, containing all-natural CBD, zero nicotine and tar - so not only are you ridding yourself of all those nasty toxins, you're benefiting from the calming benefits that CBD has to offer too!

It important to live a healthy and happy life wherever possible, reducing unhealthy habits, and looking after our mental wellbeing whenever we can. If you would like to speak to a member of our team to learn how CBD can help you with StopTober, or just in general - get in touch.







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