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OTO is one of our favourite luxury CBD brands that we stock here at Molecule, and here’s why:
OTO’s mission is simple yet powerful; ‘to help people around the world who suffer with anxiety, stress, pain, sleep problems and skin ailments, find a resolution through OTO’s organically grown, pure CBD products with Ayurvedic essential oils and botanical extracts’.

OTO is one of Europe’s highest-strength premium CBD range, created in the UK by a team of world-leading scientists and botanists, it has become a staple in the CBD market, proving itself to be a well loved, well respected and well reviewed luxury CBD brand.
Through OTO’s consumer tried and tested trials, OTO found that 83% of their participants found that with regular use of OTO’s high strength CBD products, they not only slept more easily, but also more soundly. Famous faces such as Jodie Kidd and Cressida Bonas both use OTO’s Pillow Mist, commenting on how relaxed it makes them feel and how it helps them to fall asleep faster. 

OTO’s new range of Sleep Drops are fast becoming the new in demand Sleep product, with 10% CBD and a complementary blend of organic, hand-picked botanical extracts like lavender and butterfly pea flower, these ingredients really are the perfect combination to help people wind down and relax the mind for a
blissful night’s sleep. 

“I was absolutely stunned when our customer trial results came back. They were even better than expected, especially given the rigorous approach we took. My favourite stat… trialists reporting ‘Very good’ or ‘Good’ overall sleep quality went from 8% before Sleep Drops usage to 62% at the end of the trial. That’s an 8x increase in people getting Good to Very Good sleep using our product!”

When OTO CBD conducted their consumer trials for participants who suffered with anxiety, 86% reported an improvement in their condition after regular use of OTO’s high strength CBD oils, whilst 83% of participants said that daily use of OTO helped them control their condition. And for participants who found it difficult to relax and feel more balanced in their day to day lives, 85% said regular use of OTO’s CBD products had a positive effect.

OTO’s consumer trial findings didn’t just stop there. 92% of participants in the trials found that taking OTO’s products improved their mood, energy and even their relationships!

What’s even better is that OTO’s CBD products seek to not only make you feel better on the inside, but on the outside too with the OTO skin care range. CBD is fast becoming people’s go to skincare choice, and it’s hardly surprising.

If you didn’t know, CBD brings an array of benefits to skin care thanks to its anti-ageing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. CBD works by binding with the endocannabinoid receptors in the skin as well as its ability to reduce free radicals, limiting their potential to cause DNA damage and combating oxidative stress. This process triggers the skin to naturally rejuvenate and repair itself resulting in a youthful, glowing complexion.
OTO’s skin care products are designed to work whilst you sleep, supporting the skin’s own reparative process throughout the night. In their consumer trials OTO found that 76% of their participants felt more confident after using the OTO Night Face Cream, feedback included: 

"My skin feels calmer and the redness I usually get has reduced a lot. I didn't realise until I looked at the before and after photos how much healthier my skin now looks. " - Nancy P

"I couldn’t believe the effect that the mask had on my skin. It was literally glowing and I haven’t had to wear foundation since using it. Amazing product! Can’t recommend enough! " - Hayley J

Not only has the OTO Night Face Cream been a huge success with their customers, but OTO received the Hip & Healthy CBD Award for Best CBD Face Mask and Best CBD Eye Cream for 2020! 

OTO’s CBD Eye Cream is also designed to be used at night time, with Phyto Hemp Extract that helps to tackle dryness, signs of ageing and fatigue whilst regenerating skin cells around the eye. 
"Smoother skin, visibly hydrated, lines are less obvious." - Kate W

"Eyes are less dull, less baggy, hydrated and healthier." - Alex L
OTO has many ways for you to enjoy the power of CBD, from CBD infused pillow mists for those who don’t want to ingest OTO’s CBD, to CBD bitters that can be added to drinks, CBD creams to apply to your skin and CBD serums for the face. You can even apply OTO’s CBD through their popular roll-on products that subtly seep through the skin so you can feel the calming and relaxing effects of CBD that OTO has to offer.
Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some of OTO’s customer reviews below:

“Calming, less stressed, sleeping better, less tension in shoulder muscles.”
Angela M
I felt a lot more relaxed and less anxious after the first week. I also found myself sleeping better.”
Mazzy-Mae G
“There was a notable improvement to my focus and I genuinely felt much more relaxed and calm.”
Kieron E

Take a look at Molecule’s range of OTO CBD products, designed to make you feel happy on the inside, and out!

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