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I Tried Out Two Organic Anti-Ageing Skincare Products

Oh to be in my 20s again with naturally smooth skin, plump cheeks and ‘anti-ageing products’ the furthest thing from my mind. I’d sit out in the sun, soaking up that vitamin D, with factor 15 or no factor at all, sipping wine and enjoying life.
Do I regret the fun times, no, do I want to reverse the effect it’s had on my skin, yes please.
cbd skincareChoosing the best anti-ageing skincare or anti-wrinkle products can be daunting. There are thousands upon thousands of anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle skincare brands and products to choose from, a whole list of ingredients to read through on the back of the product that, I for one, don’t always understand, and so many different price tags you never know if you’re getting a great deal or you’ve just been robbed.

So where do we start? What do we go for when choosing the right ‘anti-wrinkle cream’ or the best ‘anti-ageing skincare’, and is this product really worth all the hype?

Organic Skincare? Is It Worth The Hype?

In recent years people have opted for a more natural and organic approach to their skincare routine, and we’re seeing an influx of brands promoting things like ‘natural anti-ageing skincare’ and ‘organic anti-wrinkle serums’. Natural skincare and organic skincare products are a whole lot easier for us to get on board with, we have a much better understanding of what we’re putting on our skin. And if we know how good blueberries are for our body as opposed to a lollipop, then we also know ingredients such as ‘avocado oil’ or ‘cucumber extract’ are most likely going to be better for our skin than say ‘aluminium’.  

What About CBD Skincare?

As well as organic skincare and natural skincare products being on the rise, so too is plant-based CBD skincare.
If you’ve been meandering online looking for the new ‘it’ product for your organic skincare routine recently, you’ve most probably come across CBD skincare products such as ‘CBD Serums’, ‘CBD Face Creams’ and even ‘CBD Body Lotion’.

cbd skincareAnd whilst some of us might be a little sceptical or perhaps unwilling to try CBD skincare, or even give it a second look, CBD skincare, believe it or not, does fall into the ‘organic skincare and natural skincare’ category.

That’s because CBD skincare is all-natural and organic. It’s a plant after all. And yes CBD comes from the same plant as THC, but no CBD definitely does not get you high.
Research suggests that CBD may be beneficial for a number of different skin conditions, including, acne, dryness and itching, infection and, you guessed it, ageing and wrinkles.

My Quest To Find The Best In Anti-Ageing And Anti-Wrinkle Skincare 

So on my quest to find the best anti-ageing skincare product and anti-wrinkle products, I decided to try out two natural skincare and organic skincare products from the Molecule range that had promising reviews from consumers, to see if all-natural, organic plant-based CBD skincare had a more positive effect on my skin, and whether I saw a reduction in lines, wrinkles and maybe even a more youthful, glowy appearance. And the results were honestly eye-opening. 


First up, Shea Brand’s Electric Daisy Regenerative Day Serum

Dubbed the ‘Natural Botox’, this certified organic skincare product has had some pretty rave reviews, with people praising its ability to make their lines less prominent and its natural firming effects.

I decided to use the serum every morning for 4 weeks, using half a pipette on my face each time: I’m definitely intrigued to see if it will smooth out a prominent line I've had on my forehead since I can remember, apparently I like to ‘frown a lot’. 

As soon as I added a few drops of the Electric Daisy Serum, my skin felt soft, cool and silky smooth, like it was being nourished. I really liked the texture of this serum . I would normally opt for a moisturiser just because that’s what I know, but if this is how a serum feels then I’m switching up my skincare products for good.

I felt the tightening effect almost immediately - toned, not taut.  I’m prone to baggy eyes in the morning, so this serum has really helped reduce the puffiness and makes me look, and feel, more awake!

And that prominent line on my forehead - well let’s just say even my flatmates noticed a reduction in that forehead line. I was so blown away by the results, I told my mum and she ordered some too.  I’m pretty amazed, to be honest. Not only has my line reduced, but my skin has most definitely cleared up. Not that I was very spotty before, but I’d be prone to a few breakouts here and there, it’s kind of non-existent now. 

I’m struggling to find fault with this natural skincare product. Would I normally pay £75 for an organic skincare product or come to that any skincare product? Absolutely not. Will I be buying this £75 organic skincare product again? Absolutely.

Next Up, Kiskanu Face Oil.

A ‘Powerful beauty treatment, pain relief remedy and anti-ageing skincare formula designed to help you look and feel your very best’.
I actually went for this one because I’d never choose an oil-based product, I don’t feel they sit well on my skin, but I wanted to try it out because I’ve heard good things about Kiskanu’s range of products: the price is good and there appears to be a whole host of benefits in using this face oil.
As well as being an anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle product, this face oil can reduce inflammation, soothe headaches, relieve facial tension and even reduce acne. 

Not only did I like the texture - I looked in the mirror and my skin glowed, the face oil, with hints of lavender and calendula oil smelled divine

Honestly, using this oil there were days where I didn’t feel the need to put any make-up on. I feel like I’ve saved money on a facial treatment, got the exact same results for less, and in the comfort of my own home!

Unlike Shea Brands Serum, this one doesn’t have a ‘tightening’ effect, but what it does have is the ability to make your face feel dewy and luminous.  

Would I use this again? Definitely. It really did make my face glow. I didn’t feel the need to wear makeup afterwards and, honestly, my skin looked re-energised and perhaps even a little more youthful.

Looking for more anti-ageing skincare or anti-wrinkle skincare products? Here at Molecule we have a whole range of anti-ageing CBD skincare products; from CBD moisturises, CBD eye creams to CBD face masks and even a CBD beauty kit hamper!


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