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Long Do CBD Products Take

How Long Do CBD Products Take to Work?

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular as a treatment for various medical conditions, as it's a natural substance that occurs in cannabis plants. The lack of psychoactive properties means it's beneficial for those who want to avoid the high associated with marijuana.

CBD is also non-addictive and has few side effects, so if you're considering using it, there are numerous benefits for your physical health and mental well-being.

One big question is how long does it take for CBD to work? The answer is more complicated than a simple time because several factors define how long CBD your body will take to react to treatments.

Read on to find out more.

Why Is CBD A Treatment Option While THC Isn't?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is legal because it doesn't create any psychoactive effects. However, traditional cannabis products also contain THC, which is the compound that causes people to get 'high'.

So, when mostly - or fully - isolated from THC, CBD has plenty of therapeutic benefits, and people can use it for a range of conditions. Alternatively, some use topical treatments for their many beauty benefits, so there are lots of variants to choose from.

The Different Treatments & How They Work

With so many treatments available, it's hard to know where to start - but some are better for different purposes. Let's look at each in more detail so that you can find the right one for your needs.


CBD oils are one of the most popular ways to consume cannabidiol; you can drop the liquid directly under your tongue or swallow it. Both methods are effective, but ingesting the oils means waiting for the digestive system to process them.

In most cases, you can feel the effects from 1.5 to four hours after consumption. The sublingual method is effective, as the CBD enters your bloodstream via the blood vessels in your mouth.

Some people might feel mild effects after 30 minutes, but the oil reaches peak performance after two hours.


If you don't like the taste of CBD oil, then edibles such as gummies are a welcome alternative. They taste like sweets and can be more cost-effective than other treatments. You can expect the same absorption time as swallowing oils when you ingest gummies.

However, it ultimately depends on the strength of the gummies, as a high-strength oil will inevitably be more effective than mild-strength edibles.


CBD patches are one of the longest-lasting treatments, as they deliver a controlled dose of cannabidiols over an extended period. For example, you can find 24-hour and 48-hour patches that give your body a steady stream of CBD.

In most cases, you'll feel the effects from patches within a few hours, but some might take up to a day to reach their peak.

As with nicotine patches, CBD patches go straight into the skin, so they can help you to manage anxiety or chronic pain conditions that require daily relief.

Creams & Topicals

If you don't want to ingest cannabidiols or apply them in patch form, creams and topicals are an excellent way to get your dose. You can place them directly on the skin, which is ideal for soothing sore muscles or helping with localised pain relief.

Creams and topicals are effective within minutes, as you'll feel a cooling or heating sensation depending on the ingredients. However, their effects don't last as long as other treatments - around two to four hours in most cases.

Inhalation (Vaping)

You can also consume cannabidiols by smoking or vaping them, which sends the CBD straight into your lungs before it enters your bloodstream. It's one of the quickest ways to experience results; you should start feeling the effects within minutes.

However, remember that CBD is an isolate of cannabis, so if you're planning on vaping it, then make sure you find a reputable provider, as some might sell cannabis which will cause psychoactive effects.

Choosing The Right CBD Treatment For Various Conditions

Right CBD Treatment

Now that you know how long it takes for each treatment to work, let's look at some of the most common conditions people use CBD products for and which are the best treatments.

Anxiety & Stress Relief

For anxiety relief, we recommend using either oils or gummies as they're effective within an hour or two. You can also try smoking or vaping CBD if you need fast relief from symptoms, but subdermal patches might benefit long-term conditions.

If you're looking for CBD oil for anxiety, UK brand Molecule Health provides only the highest quality supplements from top providers.

Chronic Pain Relief

Dealing with chronic pain isn't each, but patches or creams can help. These CBD treatments are effective because they offer more prolonged relief than other treatments. Oils can also be effective, but they don't last as long, so you might need to reapply them more often.

Acute pain, such as muscle cramps, can benefit from topical treatments, as they're more convenient than patches, and you can use them as and when you need to.

Beauty Benefits

When it comes to protecting your skin from ageing or correcting its tone, CBD creams and serums are best, as you can apply them directly to the skin for maximum effect.

You can also find CBD-infused cosmetics such as lip balms, which can help to hydrate and protect your lips.

Skin Conditions (Eczema, Acne)

For skin conditions such as acne or eczema, we recommend using a CBD cream or serum as they treat a specific area. However, patches might also work for widespread conditions, but you should check with your dermatologist before making a decision.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now understand that there's no simple answer for CBD products because there are so many varieties available. These products are becoming increasingly popular in the beauty and healthcare industries, so you should have no trouble choosing one that suits your needs.

If you'd like advice and support in choosing the best CBD products for your needs, please contact the Molecule Health team. We offer a range of effective oils, creams, sprays, gummies, and so much more - at great prices.

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