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The past year the pandemic has seen the importance of our wellness; these include yoga and fitness classes. Various brands in the wellness industry took notice and, in 2021, have remerged with multiple products to put health first.

There has been significant growth in the wellness market, with excellent progression from teaching wellness classes.  As an increase in the public interest in wellness: this has been more noticeable in new CBD yoga and fitness classes tailored for individuals who want to improve their overall health. The interest in improving our regime in the post-pandemic looks positive for health and wellness, as conversations on the potential long-term effects of COVID; many people are looking for fun exercises to improve fitness. Industry insiders list self-care and fitness as the key terms to motivate women in becoming more active and confident in themselves.

The focus on wellbeing has sparked the interest of sport governing bodies in the United Kingdom. Sport England has recently partnered with GP's to offer women, free fitness classes. Sport England's mission is to help women with health conditions such as depression and diabetes.

Sport's England is launching a fitness campaign, 'This Girl Can', to encourage more women to feel comfortable exercising.  Their mission is to choose how you exercise by creating an environment for women to be active. Research by Sports England states that women found it challenging to improve their fitness levels in lockdown, as women feared the judgment of others. Fitness exercises with lower intensity, such as Yoga, dancing, and boxing, appeal to women who feared judged. Some women  felt encouraged to "do their worst." Frances Dury, head of the activation of sport England told the Times, suggested: "We focussed on the soft skills to create a welcoming environment" for the woman in fitness classes.

The UK looks to expand beyond 2022; their latest launch on health and wellness in the United Kingdom will only grow the fitness levels within the nation.

The benefits of an active lifestyle are:

  • Increase in sleep quality.
  • Increase in energy levels.
  • Lower stress levels.
  • Lower risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Lower blood cholesterol levels.

In times of medical science leading the way, you think the wellness trend will decrease. However, this is not the case.  The wellness industry has seen growth from the public and celebrities. CBD yoga has attracted public figures to the wellness market, with celebrity figures such as Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Elle McPherson, in 2021 alone.

Yoga and CBD share similar health benefits. Through combining CBD and Yoga into your wellness regime is the best practice. Are you having trouble sleeping at night? CBD oil can assist you in becoming more relaxed and enjoying a restful night. Some of the benefits of applying CBD oils before a yoga session are reducing stress, anxiety, and inflammation.

Some interesting facts on growth yoga have had on the wellness industry over the last 18 months are:

  • The UK has over 10,000 yoga instructors
  • Yoga classes with up to 30,000 a week.
  • 16,400 yoga instructors employed in more than 4,900 businesses.

Interesting facts on Yoga:

  • 74% increase in yoga popularity on Instagram in the UK,
  • A hot topic in 2020 and 2021.

At  Molecule, we have a wonderful wellness studio in Nottingham, London. Our wellness studio in Nottingham Hill offers you a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

We offer expert advice on our range of premium CBD products, with the best vapes, edibles, and highly rated CBD skincare.

You can come along to our store in Nottingham Hill and talk to our team, knowledgeable on CBD and wellness. We have partnered with top wellness teachers who offer you Yoga, sound healing, mediation, and Pilates.

We have a stocked bar for you if you feel hungry after our classes. We have organic coffee and CBD adaptogen coffee. Teas with the very best adaptogen; can be with or without CBD. It is all up to you.



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