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CBD Oil In the UK : A Natural Remedy To Calm Anxious and Stressed Minds.

CBD Oil In the UK : A Natural Remedy To Calm Anxious and Stressed Minds.

Anxiety is amongst the most common mental health conditions within the uk with over 8 million people fighting the invisible illness every day. While there are numerous medications to ease anxious and stressed minds, their side effects often outweigh the benefits. 

Luckily, natural resources like CBD oil exist for people dealing with high stress levels and anxiety disorders. This article will take you step by step into the world of CBD oil, explore its benefits and where to find it in the UK. 

What is CBD Oil? 

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a popular natural compound extracted from the hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa. 

The compound is removed from its original state and diluted with a carrier oil like coconut (MCT) or hemp seed oil to aid in absorption and add natural fatty acids to the product.. Some oils may also have other carrier agents, 

creating the calming CBD remedy that consumers know and love. 

Will CBD Oil Make Me High? 

Absolutely not! CBD oil is made with the relaxing elements of the cannabis sativa plant. 

The only way CBD can get you high is if it includes THC or any other Psychosomatic molecules

The psychogenic components (THC) found within cannabis sativa plants is not present in CBD oils meaning it will not get you high. 

How does CBD Oil Calm Your Mind? 

In a study of using CBD as a natural remedy for anxiety disorder, scientists present that the two components of the cannabis plant have very different effects on our body’s chemistry. 

Component one, THC, creates the ‘fight or flight’ response in our bodies whilst the second component, CBD, diminishes the nervous system’s response to heightened heart rates associated with the fight or flight response. 

This means that CBD has been found to relax and calm your body’s nervous system. 

Is CBD Oil Legal in the UK? 

Short answer: Yes! 

CBD oil is 100 percent legal in the UK under these two laws: 

  • The substance contains less than 0.2% of THC [2]
  • It has been derived from an approved hemp strain within the UK. 

Despite these laws, the UK's CBD market is less properly regulated than its American counterpart and therefore dilutes consumers' access to high quality and effective CBD oils in the UK.

How Do I Use CBD Oil? 

There are many ways to consume CBD Oil. 

The dosage is dependent on the strength of the product and so, you should always consult the instructions and information found on your product.

However, many people choose to enjoy the benefits of CBD through smoothies, vapes, coffees or a few drops placed directly under their tongue. 

The possibilities are endless!

Where Can I Find High Quality CBD Oil in the UK? 

With research on CBD still in its infancy, it’s understandable that finding high quality CBD oils in the UK is tricky. 

At molecule we are dedicated to sourcing and distributing effective CBD products to UK consumers. Through our website and our notting hill store, a range of reliably sourced CBD oils can be purchased

Here are our top picks : 

Lady A : Evening Tincture

Dream Distillery :  CBD Night Oils Drops

CBDmd : CBD Oil Tincture Drops



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