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Sleep Aid

The average person has less than seven hours of quality sleep a night. The decline in sleep quality affects how we feel, think and behave when we wake up in the morning. Fewer hours will result in a loss of happiness and the longevity of your life. A good night's sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Sleep provides the mind and body with much-needed rest time to turn off from the world.

Like the many who have relentlessly followed the tips for getting better rest, including sleeping on a regular schedule, avoiding naps, and managing weekly stress levels on a Sunday night through target setting. It is just not enough. After several weeks, months, and in some cases, years have passed by, and yet a good night's sleep remains elusive.

Have you thought about natural sleep aid? 'CBD could be a great choice!' Here is what you need to know if you consider CBD to help sleep.

What are natural sleep aids?

Are you having trouble sleeping? Although over-the-counter sleep aids help you temporarily, making overall lifestyle changes is usually the best approach, including nature's sleep aid. There is no clear definition of natural sleep aid. Instead, we have broken the phrase down break the term down into two parts, so it is best understood:

  • Natural: Naturally refers to a substance derived from plants in many cases.
  • Sleep aid: In particular, these products intend to reduce significant health concerns from anxiety and insomnia to many other issues that can affect a person's circadian rhythm.

Sleep Aid's statistics

From sleep survey SingleCare in 2021:

  • 5% used CBD oil.
  • 6% drank alcohol.
  • 7% use prescription medication (Lunesta etc.).
  • 7% took over-the-counter sleep aids that caused them drowsiness.
  • 9% used marijuana.
  • 56% reported they used none of the above.

How it has helped others

Last month, shoppers in the UK went wild for herbal sleep tea at an Aldi superstore. Shoppers became extremely health-focused last year and aim to continue this in 2022.

The British public has now decided on natural alternatives, for example, the natural sleep aid CBD, to combat their struggle with insomnia as more people move away from prescribed sleeping pills, which in some cases only band-aid the situation. A considerable amount of the general public has opted for herbal tea, whilst shopping for groceries.

Lindsay Mary, a Facebook group for UK shoppers, commented that 'sleep tea has given her the best night's sleep.' Sleep aid herbal tea can come in the form of Hello Goldie for instance. This delicious tea serves as a late evening option to meet consumers' needs. Another customer gushed, 'it worked better than the sleeping pills.' Her health improved rapidly after consuming sleep aid tea and 'reduced my anxiety levels.' Nevertheless, sleep aids can come in pills, oils, creams, and edibles.

In addition, more people are using natural sleep aids, but conversing to studies backed by research, approximately 42.5% of people use CBD products to improve sleep aid. Though, despite suffering from chronic insomnia. Conferring to research on sleep aids derived from natural products, natural products with minimal unwanted effects were preferred to treat acute or mild insomnia. Patients were extremely thankful for the overall health benefits of relaxing before a night's rest.

Countries such as Korea, known for their natural remedies, have looked into innovative natural sleep-promoting herbs. As the rise in over-the-counter sleep aids increases to prevent continuous sleep awaking.

CBD products such as oils, pills, edibles like patches, gummies, and creams have become the go-to for improving sleep quality. Whilst, cannabidiol relieves anxiety and stress commonly associated with sleep disorders for adults, safety measures should always be in place for shoppers.

How can I solve my sleep problem naturally?

  1. First, find a wholesale specialist who can guide you safely on your condition.
  2. Explore the CBD products that help sleep aid—becoming familiar with the key terminology and how it can help you will increase your chances of improving sleep quality.
  3. Try to avoid chemical substances that can disrupt your sleep patterns, such as caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine.
  4. Aim to eat a light meal beforehand, at least two hours before bed. Try to eat dinner no later than six or seven.
  5. To help you unwind, take a hot shower or bath before going to bed. This will increase the quality of sleep significantly. Better yet, treat yourself to some soothing gels or night drops. These are some delightful choices.

Which natural sleep aids are the best and safest?

Cannabidiol (CBD): is primarily used to aid sleep. In studies, individuals who have tried  CBD have seen vast improvements. The most noticeable development gained was feeling less anxious before being in bed. Their mind was less likely to be racing causing subjects discomfort. Importantly, cannabidiol has also been regarded as safe for the user. 

What forms does cannabidiol come in?

  • Oils and tinctures.
  • Edibles, such as gummies, chocolates or cookies. Beverages include coffees and teas.
  • Topical solutions include gels, lotion, creams, patches and ointments.
  • Vapes and vape juices.
  • CBD sleep aid.

How are they safe for adults?

CBD sleep aid is perfectly safe for adults. Everything you take, including natural sleep remedies, should continuously be researched first. You should first look into all possibilities, and if you are still confused, don't be afraid to seek further assistance. If you search for a natural supplement, we recommend visiting the Molecule store in person or online. Molecule retail store is a major London-based wholesaler in Nottingham, increasing the likelihood of better quality control.

Where can you find safe and natural sleep aid?

You can find safe and natural cannabidiol sleep products here at Molecule. Our team selects the best products that improve sleep quality.

Natural sleep and mood support: Sleep and mood are closely connected, and a lack of one or the other can cause severe stress. To help you overcome negative emotions that could affect your sleep quality, we have presented a supplement available.

  • CBD body oil: The Amplify body oil promotes body healing by reducing skin pigmentation with a youthful glow. The fragrance from the oil provides clarity and focus on improving your mood, taking away the stressors.

Our natural sleep aid supplements: Look through naturally sourced sleep products and accessories to improve your quality of life. Some of our top choices can be seen below.

  • Sunshine Botanical Tea: This excellent fruit item will turn your teatime into a soothing ritual. Filled with light berries, this sweet is the perfect blend of CBD to create a calming brew for the evening.
  • CBD Matcha capsules: The award-winning easy-to-swallow tablet has a rewards blend of green tea. The CBD capsules are perfect for focus and clarity and a gradual dose of cannabidiol throughout the day.
  • Snooze Chocolate: Having trouble relaxing in the evenings and looking for a change? Try our tasty sampler-sized dark chocolate snack. Our luxurious chocolate bar is the perfect introduction to CBD.



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