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London city and the CBD scene

CBD in London

A warm welcome

The city of London needs no introduction; famous for its historical landmarks we all know so well. London's richness in culture, cuisine and beauty offers a whole lot of fun. London's black cab drivers whizz around the well-known west end, ready to take you to your destination. Wherever you need to go, we have you covered. The incredible night and city life bring many places to shop to suit your needs. However, if there is one thing that needs an introduction and most are unaware of it, it is the thriving cannabidiol scene.  

About CBD In London

About CBD in London

Cannabidiol, commonly sold as an oil, produces relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties. This market had often been misunderstood and required further national awareness, with questions ranging from its efficacy and lack of regulation. Education and quality assurance has become essential to increase customers' confidence in London's CBD industry overall. In the earlier years, cannabidiol faced limited awareness in the wellness industry due to lack of exposure. The fascinating advancement in the wellness sector and more outstanding education, now more available,  has allowed companies to improve their compliance efforts.   

London CBD marketing blossoms upon COVID-19 demand

Demand has seen the CBD London markets blossom in wellness and beauty post-COVID-19 in 2022. Before we get into current affairs, let's take you back to 2018 and 2019, the years before chaos took over all of our lives momentarily. Shopping online was an option and not a necessity, social distancing in stores was unheard of; it was a simpler time. It was the year that the head of British-based cannabidiol firm Joe Oliver launched his very own wellness brand in 2018, to help those facing chronic illness. He has seen 'thousands of lives change', with testimonials from customers dealing with stressful environments, trauma, and chronic diseases. It was also when the British Food Standards Agency took control of the sector and its marketing. Such grand takeovers and shake-ups increased the growing demand we see today in 2022.

The boom of London CBD has exceeded expectations with the help of the pandemic. According to industry experts Khmer Times, the London markets have increased, becoming the second-largest behind the United States, as citizens have rushed to reduce Covid-linked symptoms.  

A new era 

CBD London  businesses look towards a new era. Out with the old and in with the new.

In addition to demand, there has been a fascinating rise in entrepreneurial spirit amongst London businesses post-Brexit and post-pandemic. As we enter post-pandemic life, this has created an area of entrepreneurship across the city in companies such as London-based company Aurelia. Company insider, Amanda, stressed the importance that "as we age our natural production of hyaluronic acid within our skin decreases causing dehydration", amongst other concerns.

There will be no more binge eating in front of the television week in and week out, but instead, Londoners look to take on a more active approach to changes in their daily habits. Are you someone who needs a planner or schedule to count your intake and keep you motivated? 

What are the three Spectrums available?

As mentioned above, CBD has now been included in the foods you eat if you are making lifestyle changes. The three variations are:

Full-spectrum: Contains multiple plant extracts such as essential oils cannabidiol. They are most helpful in improving sleep quality by relaxing the body and mind. If this speaks to you, why not look into products within this spectrum. 

Broad-spectrum: Contains the same components as full spectrum minus THC. The benefits for those who suffer from anxiety and pain.

Isolate: Has the purest form of cannabidiol, this fabulous range comes in oils and tinctures.  

What to look for when buying 

  • Skin hydration
  • Reduces trauma
  • Improves chronic illness
  • Skincare
  • Caffeine-free
  • Vegan  

Where to buy CBD in London

Nowadays, it feels like you can buy CBD in London anywhere, but Molecule stands firmly above the rest in London. Our bespoke services offer a range of products and treatments just for you—Molecule in Notting Hill. Come down to our store, and you will receive high-quality services from the in-store team. Or check out our online store first.  

 A person holding a fork over a plate of salad

Knowing this can all be challenging to begin with, so start small. We offer the highest quality CBD products, ranging from oils to vapes. If you are new and have tried everything else with not much effect, come along - our in-store staff will happily assist you.

If you are already familiar with cannabidiol, please try our products - we offer vegan food, too. In addition to this, Molecule also has a beautiful seating area for you to enjoy our delicious treats and caffeine-free coffee.

Guide for a day trip in London

I struggled to get back into the world in London after lifting restrictions. I know it can be a daunting process; I have been there myself. It only takes humans three weeks to form a habit. That's correct, twenty-one days, and it takes us even longer to break one. Our behaviors now are wearing face masks, maintaining two-meter distances, and often unpredictable restrictions. Here are a few pointers if you still feel apprehensive about going on outings in 2022.

  A woman channelling her energy, by  practicing mindfulness- Molecule

  • Identify your triggers by writing them down.
  • Focus on three key areas you would like to change.
  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Try to replace the bad habit with a healthier one.
  • Leave yourself reminders; these can be digitally or in sticky note form.
  • Let go of everything have an all-or-nothing mindset.
  • Lastly, reward yourself once you reach a new milestone.

 Matcha Cookies with white chocolate & dried cranberries. They are the perfect treat on you day out in the London.

  1. It's Friday night, your laptop or phone is in front of you is tired of being anxious throughout the day.
  2. You are determined to make a lifestyle change this year.
  3. An idea comes into your head London- but what to do?
  4. You search London wellness and find CBD in search engines.
  5. You are amazed at what you have found and search for CBD London wholesalers and find Molecule. Your weekend is now set. It is all coming together. 
  1. It is a weekend, and you wake up and have some breakfast. You are looking for a healthier snack that is vegan with benefits.
  2. You visit the store in Notting Hill based on your location.  
  1. You find the perfect pick-me-up afternoon snack, and it is the Banana bread energy balls to eat on the go.   
  1. You also discover Matcha Cookies with white chocolate & dried cranberries—a new snack to eat on your day out.  
  1. Off you go to enjoy your new tasty treats in Ladbroke Square Garden.

You can also purchase CBD products online here 


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