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Working to hydrate, balance and maintain a perfect pH level, the Barrier Culture Moisturiser strengthens your skin’s delicate ecosystem (which is home to trillions of microbes!) – helping your complexion to defend itself against the likes of pollution, UV light, infection and dehydration.

Ideal for dry, dull, sensitive and breakout-prone complexions, patented tech rebuilds your microbiome, which helps to ward off the negative effects of pollution and effectively lock in moisture. It does this by repairing the skin barrier via prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics – all working in tandem to give you balanced, smooth, calm and happy skin. Niacinamide activates the skin’s immune response – which helps to reduce the look of dark marks while supporting natural regeneration – and calendula, cica and chamomile extracts deliver an instantly soothing sensation to stressed complexions. Squalane, ceramides and peptides also have starring roles, ensuring skin is protected and hydrated with improved productivity of collagen and elastin. This highly-absorbable gel-like cream ensures skin is hydrated and moisturised – this means water is sucked into skin and encouraged to stay there. Overall, the long-term health of skin and its barrier is supported, and skin looks plump, firm and dewy – without fine lines wrestling for the spotlight.

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