The Mixer


Not sure if you’ll like the taste of CBD?

This taste-free duo can be added to your favourite drink or food - and can help to bring a moment of calm throughout your day. Add it to your morning smoothie to help get more clarity and focus in your day. Or include it in your cup of cocoa in the evening to help relax you at the end of a busy day.

Tincture 1: Grön Unflavoured is made using two natural ingredients, hemp and coconut oil - one of our purest CBD oils we offer.

Tincture 2: Grön Water Soluble Elixir is designed to blend effortlessly with water-based liquids - Meaning you can add this CBD to any beverage

The 2 x tinctures come in a handy eco-friendly bag, so you can keep your CBD with you wherever you are.

Good to know:  Unflavoured oil- 100mg CBD in the bottle. Water Soluble - 50mg CBD in the bottle.  1 x pipette = 0.3ml approx 10 drops. We recommend 2 x pipettes to benefit from the effects, which are usually felt within 20 minutes.

This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.