Dreem Distillery

The Gift Of Sleep: Night Drops & Bed Balm (3600mg CBD Net)


Calm the mind with potent Night Drops and relax the body with distinct and deeply relaxing Bed Balm: this special Dreem Distillery duo has been paired for their unique abilities to holistically induce a sleepy state.

Night Drops soothe and centre the mind with a superior concentration of broad-spectrum CBD, enhanced with Dreem Distillery's Super Terpene Blend to further increase its sleep-inducing properties.  

Muscle-relaxing Bed Balm salve couples broad-spectrum CBD with proprietary tension-relieving botanical Dreem Complex, melting taught muscles and encouraging deeper sleep. 

Deep, restorative sleep.



30ml (drops) / 60ml (salve)

2400mg / 1200mg CBD

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