Bloom Farms

Rose CBD Vapor Cartridge (250mg)

If you prefer the oral satisfaction of vaping, try this refreshing CBD vape. Rose and hints of passion fruit provide a light and clean way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Designed to be enjoyed as a gentle relaxant, and ‘sipped’ as you may a summer cocktail.

How to use: Inhale slowly for a short puff or two, wait for a few minutes for the effects to settle in, repeat until you achieve the desired effect. Stop when you feel good.

Ingredients: Whole-Plant Hemp Extract, Natural Flavor*. 0.5 g oil (250 mg CBD)
60+% total cannabinoid content, including CBC, CBG and CBN. 
Optimised for up to 300 'puffs'.

Good to know: * May contain trace amounts of coconut 
* Because it is all-natural and true to the source plant, the oil colour may slightly vary from batch to batch. FDA-approved food-safe. BPA/BPS Free. 

Vapour battery required. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.