Shea Brand

Hemp Enzyme Face Mask


Rich in fruit enzymes and Omega 6, this mask is designed to gently draw dirt and oil from the skin while working to even, nourish, tighten, and improve elasticity. Rather than using clay to pull dirt and oil from your pores, an enzyme mask gently eats away at the debris sitting at the surface of the skin. This removes dead skin cells along with dirt, leaving your face cleansed and plumped without drying out.

On top of this, cassia angustifolia seed extract (acts as a natural hyaluronic acid), organic periwinkle extract and a blend of organic AHAs – including glycolic acid to promote collagen – work synergistically to rejuvenate damaged or dull skin.

This product also contains Electric Daisy, a stimulating medicinal plant that is known for giving a tingly sensation when consumed orally or added to skincare results in a powerful tightening and firming effect.