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Electric Daisy Face Trio

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For firmer, smoother skin, this skincare trio harnesses the potent anti-inflammatory power of CBD alongside Electric Daisy, a stimulating medicinal plant known as ‘natural Botox’. Electric Daisy creates a tingling sensation and tightening effect when added to skincare for instantly visible results. Used weekly, the Face Trio gives a luxurious self-care experience that will smooth, balance, hydrate and brighten your face.

How to use:

Electric Daisy + CBD Tightening Enzyme Face Mask: Apply a few drops of serum to a clean face and spread evenly. Use in the morning before applying moisturiser.

Electric Daisy + CBD Brightening Exfoliant: Apply a small amount to a clean face and scrub for one minute. Do this once per week or as needed. Wash off with warm water and immediately apply moisturiser or serum.

Electric Daisy + CBD Regenerative Day Serum: Apply to face and neck until fully coated. Wait 15 minutes, then gently wash off with warm water.

Ingredients: See individual product pages.


Good to know: Electric Daisy creates a tingling sensation when added to skincare.

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