Lady A

Body and Massage Oil (1000mg)


Delicately scented with pure essential oils, our body and massage oil is perfect for helping you to relax, unwind, and let go. 

A sensual blend of CBD, lavender and evening primrose essential oils, and sweet almond and tamanu oil.

Skin softening and mood enhancing, this beautiful oil is perfect for helping you unwind, relax, and let go. 

Perfect for all over body use, Vitamin E and the combination of oils help to moisturise the skin and is ideal for massage.

Designed to complement the rest of our After Dusk range, this sensual oil can be used everyday as well as for more intimate occasions. 

Simply apply all over and enjoy. 

Perfect for:
– All skin types

– Moisturising and massage
– Everyday use as well as for pleasure. 

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