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Zoom Organic Matcha (100% Pure)
Zoom Organic Matcha (100% Pure)
Zoom Organic Matcha (100% Pure)
Zoom Organic Matcha (100% Pure)
Zoom Organic Matcha (100% Pure)
Zoom Organic Matcha (100% Pure)

Organic Matcha (100% Pure)


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increased metabolism


Size: 50g of powder

Matcha Powder Organic

Matcha powder organic comes from the matcha plant from Japan. Matcha is mainly used for making green tea. Organic matcha powder has a rich, full flavour that many tea lovers can appreciate. Naturally, matcha can be used for many more purposes, especially in powder form it keeps for a long time. Organic matcha is not only very tasty but also healthy: the ideal seasoning for countless dishes.

The story of the matcha plant

The matcha plant originates from Japan and has the Latin name 'Camellia Sinensis'. It is the leaves of this special plant that are used to grind into matcha powder. The dark green colour of organic matcha powder is due to the substance Chlorophyll, an amino acid.

Lose weight with Matcha?

Matcha is ideal for anyone who wants to follow a healthy diet and lose weight. Matcha reduces the feeling of hunger so you are less inclined to eat when you don't need to. Matcha in bulk can be used in many ways. L-thealine is a special amino acid that can help calm the brain. Drinking matcha tea or using matcha products is ideal for anyone looking for a moment of calm. Matcha powder is long lasting and ideal for tea or latte.


Scientific studies:

Matcha adaptogen 1

Matcha adaptogen 2

Organic Matcha (100% Pure)



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We pride ourselves on dispatching our products as fast as we can. We ship all over the world, excluding countries where you cannot legally send these products to.

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All of our products provide tracking and we also offer for our local customers same day delivery if they choose that option (T&Cs apply).

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We have a team you can call throughout our operating hours at 020 7792 2252 and a customer service email at

About us

Started out to help find trusted CBD brands

We started out in 2019 following some not so great experiences with the available CBD products. After doing some thorough research and going to the most established CBD market, we have decided to source the best products to provide.

Science backing

In addition to sourcing the best products we possibly could, we also created a science team, dedicated to helping us curate, create and filter the best products for our customers to help target issues they're looking to overcome.

Our flagship

Located in Notting Hill, London. Our flagship store is what some call their "retreat in the city". We have a team of trained consultants, a store showcasing our products, an adaptogen bar where you could try some of the purest powders and a wellness studio where you could take some of our classees, such as yoga, pilates, sound healing etc.

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