Sima Siziba - Yoga

I started my Yoga journey in 2013, following a knee injury and a range of health issues which stripped away my mobility and sense of self.  I went through a very difficult and yet transformative period (still ongoing). Left a career working in the statutory and voluntary sector after the stress of the work caught up with my body and mind. In a desperate effort to recover from physical pain, find myself and piece my life back together again, I turned my attention to the healing arts. 

I have always been fascinated and passionate about Holistic practises, movement, health and wellness. I was struck by the transformative qualities of Yoga physically, mentally and spiritually, and as a result, I decided to learn more about the philosophy and science behind this ancient discipline that helped me to feel at home within myself and to feel at home with even the things I was struggling with. I wanted to share it with others to help transform their lives. Hence in 2017, I trained to become a Yoga teacher. 

Having come from a sports and fitness background, yoga was very challenging and intimidating at first. I struggled with not fitting into the mould of what a yoga teacher should look like, move like and even sound like. As a result, I felt the urge to teach in a way that is welcoming, inclusive and fun for a diverse range of people and abilities. My philosophy as a Yoga teach is that yoga is for everyone. The practise meets you wherever you are at any given moment. It provides an environment to let go of those things that are obscuring, health, wisdom, vitality and all those benevolent qualities that are innate, that we are born with. The practise does not need you to be anything else other than what you already are. Movement should be a pleasure and joy, not a chore. Namaste

About Afro Vinyasa Flow:

Join me as we embark on a soulful, healing yoga journey to connect deeply to the elements of nature and spirit. Let go, step into your power and flow in this unique, non-rigid and creative fusion of Vinyasa yoga sequences with the rhythms of African music, sounds, invigorating and meditative movements, African drumming and healing instruments to channel the life force (energy/ Prana/ chi/Ka).

This union of Vinyasa flow and African movements purifies the energy channels (nadis), builds strength, balance and flexibility, cultivates musicality and rhythmic intelligence. The contrasting change of dynamics, from peaceful/quite to energetic, blissful, meditative to propulsive, invigorates and cools the physical and mental state, culminating in a state of feeling grounded, peaceful and still.

This practise is for everyone. Flexibility or dance skills are not required, you just follow your own unique rhythm and internal guidance and radiate the powerful energy within. Come prepared to sweat, laugh, move, deeply relax and connect within.