As London’s first dedicated stretch studio, we believe that stretching is a vital component of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, holding the power to prevent injury, prolong mobility and replenish vitality. Here at Flexology, we have developed an innovative Flexology™ Stretching Method, informed by sound scientific research and years of practical knowledge, built to transform your bodies, both inside and out.

  • Flex

    Increased flexibility can improve your day from the minute you wake up in the morning right up until you go to sleep at night. Regular stretching prevents stiffness and soreness throughout the body and allows muscles to work to their maximum capacity, leaving you free to move through your day with renewed lightness and ease. It can also sharpen your level of focus and concentration, as you reduce tension and reset your nervous system.

  • Lengthen

    Daily life can be unbalancing. Sitting at a desk, carrying large bags or picking up heavy items (from boxes to babies) can affect the natural alignment of your spine and muscles. Assisted Stretching rebalances the body, lowering the shoulders and lengthening the spine, helping to relieve localised tension and tightness.

  • Energise

    Fascia: you might not have heard of it, but we all have it. It’s a connective tissue that holds us together, linking the muscles to the bones to the nervous system, and the circulatory system to the vital organs. Fascia loves to be stretched, and when stimulated it boosts both mental and physical wellbeing. A proper stretch triggers the release of the feel-good chemical dopamine, which not only leaves you alert and refreshed, but encourages healthy blood flow and jumpstarts your metabolism.

  • Strengthen

    Specialised stretching helps activate and strengthen the major muscle groups all over the body, including the core muscles curled around the spine. This improves posture, helping you stand taller and straighter, and keeps the vertebral discs flexible, encouraging overall strength and endurance.

  • Destress

    Our innovative stretching techniques combined with conscious breathing can relax and quieten the nervous system. Our smooth, gentle stretching exercises reduce the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and help lower blood pressure. This will leave you feeling like you’re walking on air and is incredible for your mood and sleep cycle.

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