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The Self Care Checklist To Maximise Your Morning

Your mornings are the perfect time to practice self-care, helping you to start the day grounded, refreshed and revitalised. But knowing what to do to get on track to a better day can sometimes be challenging...

We’ve compiled the perfect Self Care Morning Routine to help guide you. We recommend no phones until you’ve ticked off everything below first, it’s self-care after all, switch up that screen time for a little ‘me’ time this morning.

Rise And Shine At A Specific Time

Whether you’re working, not working, have something to do that day or don’t have anything planned at all, it’s still good to wake up at the same time everyday, and that does include the weekend! 

A survey of over 1000 people conducted by the sleep news site Mattress Inquirer showed that people with a strict wake-up time reported being more content overall in every area of their lives.
Look for a time in the morning that not only works for you and that you can be consistent with, but that also allows you the time to focus on your self-care before you jump into work or plans for the day.
Once you get used to waking up at a specific hour, it could also improve any problems you may have falling asleep.

If you do have trouble sleeping, why not take a look at our Sleep Products, designed to help get those well needed Z’s


Hydrate The Body & the Mind

Your first go to drink in the morning might be a cup of coffee or tea, and whilst that can be a good source of antioxidants, it is also dehydrating. When you drink a glass of water in the morning you’re not only rehydrating your body, but also increasing your level of alertness, fuelling your brain, fighting off any sicknesses and kickstarting your metabolism!

For those that experience increased anxiety in the morning, or have a particularly stressful day ahead, we also uggest Gron’s Water Soluble-Elixir. This can be added to your water to help bring a little more calm to your day. 


Let’s Get Moving!

If you’re wondering when’s best to exercise in the day, consider the mornings. Not only will an early run, walk, hiit session or yoga flow release those feel good endorphins, give you energy and focus for the start of your day, but you’ll be less likely to make unhealthy food choices, you’ll enhance your metabolism, and the great thing is it’s out the way before you’ve even started your day!



Meditate To Elevate Your Day 

It’s important to get a good night’s sleep, eat healthily and exercise frequently, but if you’re not taking care of your mental wellbeing you may still feel unbalanced in your life. 

A simple 10 minute meditation in the morning not only de-stresses you but can make you feel happier, more connected, improve the functioning of your brain and because you’re more relaxed this in turn will help keep your immune system and metabolism healthy! 
If meditation isn’t for you, how about repeating some simple positive affirmations to yourself, such as ‘Today I will learn and grow’ or ‘Positive thinking creates positive change’.

Take a look at our Instagram page where you can find our beautiful Yoga teacher Jenna’s 10 minute Kindness Meditation.


Start Your Day Glowing

Pampering yourself doesn’t have to be a rare treat, nor does it need to be an activity you splash out on. Run yourself that bubble bath, sing your heart out in the shower or treat your body to a luxurious body lotion so you can feel silky smooth and refreshed for the day ahead. Having a skincare routine with face oils, eye creams and hydrating moisturisers can also help you to feel great on the inside as well as the outside. Remember, even if you’re not heading out of the house, looking after your skin is to make you feel great, and why shouldn’t you… you are!

Check out our selection of face and body products infused with CBD for some added pampering. 


Tick It Off For A Clearer Mind

It can be difficult to stay on top of everything going on in our day to day lives. Jotting down what we need to do for the rest of the day not only helps to free up our mind, but just the simple action of ticking off each task can help you feel more accomplished and happier!

And your checklist doesn’t have to be just work-related, nor does it have to stop after you’ve completed your morning checklist. If you’ve enjoyed ticking off your morning to-do’s, then keep it going for the rest of the day! It could include ‘tidying my room’, ‘washing my clothes’ or ‘calling a friend’. These perhaps seemingly little accomplishments do add up, and can help to give you a sense of achievement in what may have otherwise been a mundane day.  

Use our Molecule Self Care Checklist below to help you stay on track to a better morning. Just print it out or save as a PDF. 

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