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Returning to work anxiety & life after lockdown

Many of us have now adjusted to the 2020 working from home routine; adapting work stations, juggling child care, Zoom calls and everything else that has come with it. For many the ‘Sunday night blues’ are a thing of the past, and the hectic Monday morning commute has been happily replaced with a stroll to the living room or a quick walk around the garden. Some companies are now starting to encourage employees to return to the office - but how do we really feel about this? 

Mental health experts have been noting an emerging phenomenon around feelings of anxiety about life after lockdown. However with the latest government announcement - it seems returning to ‘normal’ might not be as close as we thought. The constant uncertainty of the world today,  is enough to make anyone feel confused, uneasy, more stressed and anxious.

Human beings are naturally creatures of habit, but when our habits and routines are disrupted, this can have an affect on our mental wellbeing.

Following a 6 month adjustment to the new ‘normal’ during lockdown, it is understandable many of us may be worrying about the next ‘adjustment’ phase when heading back into work and having more contact with the outside world. 

A survey published by ‘Ipsos Mori’ (01.05.20) found that more than 60% of Britons felt uncomfortable about the idea of using public transport, going out to bars, restaurants or gigs, whilst less than half (49%) of those currently employed felt comfortable going back to work. 

Anxiety UK has seen a 430% increase in calls to their helpline from this time last year - with more support needed in relation to worries about the easing of lockdown restrictions. 

Anxiety can affect us in many different ways, from headaches, chest pains and a loss of appetite, to insomnia, concentration issues and tension within the body. It can often be debilitating to those suffering on a daily basis.

Studies show that CBD can help to ease these symptoms of anxiety and instil feelings of calm.
But how? The body contains a fatty acid; Amide Hydrolase (or FAAH for short) which is known to break down anandamide (better known as the ‘Bliss Molecule’) and thus weakens it. CBD has the ability to work against FAAH, which leads to an increased concentration of Anandamide - resulting in the generation of happiness and motivation. Higher anandamide levels lead to lower anxiety levels and increased emotional stability. 

Gaining momentum in the health and wellness world, CBD derived from the Cannabis Sativa Plant is all-natural, vegan and non-psychoactive, unlike THC (the one that gets you high).
Research shows that CBD produces a calming effect on the mind and body, helping to relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress, leaving you more relaxed and focused on the task in hand or the day ahead. 

At Molecule, we stock a wide range of premium CBD products that can help with anxiety and stress, helping you to feel a little more at ease with any concerns about life after lockdown, anxiety and returning to work stress.

If you are looking to add more balance and calm to your day, we recommend Kiskanu’s CBD Botanical Day Drops. Made using extracts of CBD, calendula, lavender, comfrey and chamomile. These are added into a base of nutritional olive and hemp oils for a blend that will soothe your nervous system.

If you are looking for perhaps a more fun and tasty way to try CBD, we recommend cbdMD Gummies. These edibles help to not only manage signs of stress and anxiety, but also support a sense of calm whilst complementing an everyday wellness routine. Plus they’re yummy! 

If you’re finding that anxiety is having an impact on your sleep, we recommend OTO’s CBD Pillow Mist. Spray onto your pillow at night to help soothe away the day’s stresses and get a good night’s sleep. 

If you do have any anxiety concerns and would like to know more about how CBD could help you - why not speak to the Molecule team and let us help you to find the right product for your needs. 



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