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Make Sleep A Priority This New Year

We're all familiar with the term 'New Year, New You' at the start of the New Year, and with the uncertainty that 2020 brought, our New Year outlook on health may be somewhat different from what it usually is at this time of the year. For many, January is the time to start a new fitness regime and to stop bad habits such as smoking, or for some, a time to start new habits, such as Veganuary or taking on Dry January.  Now with the gyms closed, and tier restrictions in place, our personal health and wellness needs are greater than ever.
One of the most overlooked and best remedies for our health and wellbeing is SLEEP.

We’ve all experienced the after effects of a bad night’s sleep; puffy eyes, an inability to stay focused, and irritability towards even the smallest of things, and increase in appetite for sugary foods. And we know all how good it feels waking up from a long and restful night’s sleep, feeling refreshed, revived and ready for the day ahead.
So it makes sense to make sleep a health priority along with regular exercise and a healthy diet!
If you need more convincing, Here are 5 surprising reasons why sleep is so important and why you should make it a priority for 2021.

1. Sleep Can Help You Maintain A Healthy Weight
Have you ever woken up from a bad night’s sleep craving sweet treats or a big fry up? Research suggests sleep-deprivation changes the level of hormones that signal hunger and fullness in the body - this in turn can lead us to making unhealthy food choices and overeating. Fatigue can lead our body to crave any energy it can get, leading us to reach to sugary foods, caffeine and fatty meals that perk us up quickly. Unfortunately, as we all know, these types of food are unhealthy and fattening, and that initial high you feel from the sugar, doesn’t last long. A good night’s sleep can diminish these cravings, leading us to make better, healthier food choices.

2. A Good Night's Sleep Can Have A Positive Effect On Our Mental Health
A person's sleep cycle goes through four phases of sleep; Your body temperature will drop, your muscles will relax and your heart rate and breathing will start to slow down - once you are in a deep sleep your body will produce physiological changes that help boost the immune system.
When we are in REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) we are dreaming and these four phases become more active. Studies show that REM sleep enhances our learning and memory, contributing to our emotional health.
When we are unable to have a good night’s sleep, we can impair our thinking and emotional regulation, potentially amplifying psychiatric disorders like anxiety, depression and stress.
A good night’s sleep can help us to feel refreshed, clear headed and happier. 

3. Sleep Can Make Us Smarter
The University of California-San Diego,  researchers found that REM sleep “directly enhances creative processing more than any other sleep or wake state”.
During sleep our brains grow new neurons, which begin to connect with other neurons. In addition to encoding learning and building memory, the neurons solve difficult problems and come up with new ways of performing tasks. So with a good night’s sleep, you could be waking up a little smarter, everyday!

4. A Good Night’s Sleep Can Help Us Live Longer
Research shows that getting at least six hours of shut-eye each night is necessary for a long and healthy life. Any less than that was associated with a 12% increase in mortality risk. This could be through things such as inflammation and stress hormones within the body rising, or overeating.
That being said, too much sleep, over 8 hours, was associated with a 30% increase in mortality risk in study participants - due to things such as an underlying health problem that may cause people to sleep extra long; therefore, treating such problems could increase life expectancy.
A good sleep can improve our mood, immune system and even our metabolism! So stick to a balanced, healthy, sleep pattern of around 6-8 hours of sleep a night!

5. Sleep Helps Your Body To Fight Back Against Illness
Fighting off an illness can take a lot of energy, and when we’re awake that energy is not only directed at the illness but other activities such as thinking and moving. 
Sleep gives your body time to slow down and repair itself, redirecting the energy to our immune system, which is essential when we’re feeling under the weather. 
So next time you feel a little poorly, listen to your body and take that much needed nap if you feel like it, you may wake up feeling a whole lot better!
If you feel lethargic and sleepy for a longer period of time than normal when ill, make sure you speak to your Doctor though! Remember, too much sleep for a long period of time could be an underlying health condition that needs treatment!

How Could CBD Help Me Get A Better Night’s Sleep? 

There are many reasons why we may sleep badly; mental health disorders; anxiety, stress and depression;, physical conditions, environmental conditions or just having too much caffeine or sugar in our bodies.

The Permanente Journal published a study in 2019 involving 72 subjects, with 47 experiencing anxiety and 25 experiencing poor sleep. The subjects were each given 25 mg of CBD in capsule form each day. In the first month, 79.2 percent of the patients reported lower anxiety levels and 66.7 percent reported better sleep.
CBD works with our Endocannabinoid system (ECS) - a molecular system in the body responsible for regulating a variety of functions including sleep, pain, our immune system and appetite. Our Endocannabinoid system plays a vital role in us maintaining homeostasis (maintaining a stable internal state despite changes in the environment).
CBD works by increasing and empowering our natural level of Endocannabinoids, helping us to relieve symptoms such as anxiety, stress, chronic pain and more, thus balancing out our homeostasis, helping us to feel more relaxed, stress free, and ready for a good night’s sleep.
At Molecule we have a variety of sleep remedies, from Sleep Drops and Sleep Oil, CBD Vapes designed to help you relax, CBD Tea from Hello Goldie, plus we run relaxing yoga for sleep classes and CBD yoga classes too.
We have just launched The Dreamer CBD Starter kit for sleep if you're looking to start your CBD journey.
Whatever you choose, we want to help you get the best nights sleep so check out our natural remedies here, or get in touch and we can recommend the best CBD product to help you sleep. 

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