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CBD oil in the UK

The UK’s CBD industry started officially in 2018 after an increased amount of lobbying for CBD in the UK, led by mum tried to get her daughter CBD oil for her Epilepsy.
As a result of this, the UK government decided to ease the regulation around CBD and other cannabinoids in the country.

Due to the UK CBD market being quite nascent and testing not matching the same rigorous efforts in established markets like the US, we at Molecule decided to bring in premium, high-performing CBD brands from those. CBD oil, gummies and topicals have been produced in the US for decades, stemming from the Cannabinoid farms in California, Oregon and Colorado as well as the experimental culture in New York. Since the CBD market in the UK is less regulated than the American one, most people will struggle to get high quality CBD oil in the UK that really works. The Molecule Team spent significant time researching and visiting the top US CBD oil manufacturers – these farmers really know what they’re doing and have some serious experience with creating high-performing CBD oil for decades. 

 CBD oil has been used for many conditions, pains, and ailments; as it acts as an anti-inflammatory it is said to be a good way to naturally manage anxiety, inflammation, pain sleep and stress. CBD oils can also be formulates with specific functions such as

CBD oil designed specifically to help with daytime anxiety (it is estimated that 6-8% of people in the UK suffer from anxiety), CBD oil designed specifically for sleep disorders (it is estimated that 66% of the UK isn’t sleeping as much as they should for optimal health), CBD oil specifically designed for inflammation (inflammatory issues can vary with anything from headaches to chronic pain conditions, these are extremely common).

 The UK CBD market has experienced a massive influx of new CBD brands in the past few years, some of the creators of these brands are unaware of the true basic functions of what they sell, saying things like “our CBD oil will cure anything” or “our CBD oil is magical and will get you high” – which adds to the misconceptions about CBD. It is quite clear that the CBD market in the UK has grown so fast to the point where regulation hasn’t caught up that it birthed the wrong type of CBD brands as well. It is therefore evermore important to ensure that the CBD oil you choose to use to help with your stress, anxiety, pain, or sleep is properly formulated and rigorously tested.

If ever in doubt and if you need help choosing a CBD oil that really works, please get in touch with our friendly team members. We are based in London, UK and offer free consultations for anyone who is serious about finding the right CBD oil for themselves or a loved one in the UK and Europe.

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