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5 Ways To De-Stress The Mind And Body

Whether you’re stressed out from work, stressed in your relationship or perhaps stressing over a big event coming up - we can all agree being stressed is never easy nor fun.

Stress is a normal part of life, and some stress is good - triggering your flight-or-flight mechanism to help you handle tough or dangerous situations, allowing you to act quickly in a stressful moment. However too much stress, or chronic stress, can be extremely negative for both our mental-wellbeing and our health. From physical problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, chest pains and problems with sex and sleep, to emotional problems such as depression, panic attacks or other forms of anxiety and worry.

So how can we de-stress quickly and effectively, and how can we stop stress before it intensifies? 

Here Are 5 Ways To Help You De-Stress 

Laughter Is The Best Medicine -
De-Stress The Mind And Have A Giggle

how to de-stress

Laughter strengthens your immune system, boosts your mood, reduces pain, and you guessed it - protects you from the damaging effects of stress! So next time you’re feeling stressed out, or you can feel those stress levels rising - pop on your favourite comedy show, call up that person who makes you howl with laughter or stick on a hilarious podcast to boost your mood wherever you are! *We’re loving I’m Grand Mam on Spotify with Kevin and PJ. Check it out here.

Stressed Out?
Get Out And Move About

how to de-stress

If you’re overcome with feelings of stress, or can feel the stress building up inside of you - walk away from it, literally! Exercise; be it a walk, run, jog, dance, yoga practice or even just jumping up and down flailing your arms about - can be a great stress reliever. It helps you blow off steam and releases those feel good endorphins! So the next time you’re looking to de-stress, get out and move about. You’ll come back feeling better, with a new perspective and frame of mind. 

A Soothing Song To Soothe The Mind 
And Feel Stress-Free

how to de-stress

Research has shown that listening to music can have a positive effect on our stress hormones. Certain kinds of music may reduce stress, namely soft classical music.
A study conducted by Mindlab International put sensors on people trying to complete a stress-inducing puzzle. Whilst they worked on the puzzles and their stress levels increased, they were played different songs. One song in particular showed a reduction in anxiety and a 35 percent reduction in physiological resting rates. This particular song, “Weightless” by Marconi Union was specifically crafted to be a stress-relieving piece of music. Listen here.
It doesn’t have to be soft-classical music though. Find a song that you know makes you feel good and that also helps you to feel calm, and try playing it when you can sense those feelings of stress creeping in. 

Get Loud To Relieve Stress
how to de-stress

We’re not saying that you need to get loud and relieve that stress to anyone in particular. If you’re by yourself and you need to, in the words of Britney ‘Scream and shout and let it all out’, it might just be the perfect stress reliever! 

Stress is a result of us not letting it out. So scream if you can! Pop on your favourite song and sing your heart out to release those healthy endorphins and oxytocin. And no worries if you aren’t alone, even just a little sigh can release tension in your upper body and help you de-stress.

Step Away From The Smartphone!
And Say Bye To A Stressful Mind

how to de-stress

Studies have shown that too much screen time can be harmful to both our mental wellbeing and physical health. Just a ping, ring or phone vibration could make us feel stressed, so take a rest from your phone or tablet and de-stress from the outside world, even just for a little bit every day! Focus on you, and only you and do something that’s completely unconnected to the world wide web. 

If you’re looking to relieve stress through plant-based, natural CBD goodness, we have a whole range of products to help you to de-stress and bring more calm and balance back into your life.
Take a look at our top picks below or head on over to our CBD For Stress products page here and de-stress the mind and body today! 

cbd for stress

De-Stress With Grön Elixer

If you don’t like the taste of CBD products but don’t want to miss out on their stress-relieving benefits, this elixir is the ideal choice. It’s free from all taste and aroma, and designed to blend effortlessly with water-based liquids. Add it to your favourite coffee, smoothie or juice to feel the effects without the flavour.


cbd for stress


Roll Away Stress With OTO Balance

Roll away stress with this scented blend containing CBD for relaxation, lavender to reduce anxiety and chamomile to calm. Together, they help relieve restlessness, promote a good night’s rest and help you to de-stress.

cbd for stress


Hello Goldie’s Smitten Tea To Soothe Stress

Feel warm and fuzzy with this sweet, floral, creamy hemp tea. Packed with natural ingredients that can help with digestion and relieve bloating. The wonderful Shatavari, an adaptogenic herb known to help the body cope with physical and emotional stress, is partnered with soothing rose and tranquil lavender

cbd for stress

cbdMD Gummies For A Tasty Stress-Reliever

A sweet treat with 10mg of CBD and 10mg of Vitamin C, perfect for a moment of calm when you're on the go, served in a mouth-watering array of fruit flavours. Yummy!

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